We carry out adaptive research to validate technologies

About Our Company

Our vision is to become a leading provider of quality services on soil fertility management strategies and other crop husbandry practices for profitable crop production in Northern Ghana.

The Kundok Development Consult (KDC) is a limited liability entity that was formed and registered with the registrar general department of Ghana and incorporated under the companies act, 1963 (Act 179) in 2014 and it is in operation mainly in the three regions (Upper East, Upper West and Northern regions) of northern Ghana.

In Ghana, it is the responsibility of the National Research Systems (NARS) to generate agricultural technologies and the dissemination to the end-users (farmers) is done by the extension services of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). Even with the advent of Participatory Technology Development (PTD) involving research, MoFA and farmers, the technologies developed in this process are always at specific locations and these need to be extended to other farmers at other locations in the country by MoFA.

However, it has been observed that the extension officer-farmers ratio is very high; the officers are not well equipped with necessary logistics such as the current/modern technologies on agriculture and reliable means of transport (motorbikes) to reach most of these farmers who are in rural areas with the available technologies.

It was based on the above that KDC was formed to augment or complement the efforts of the extension officers by retraining field officers on newly developed technologies developed by the NARS for dissemination to the farmers in northern Ghana.

KDC with a team of highly qualified and experienced Agronomists, Extensionists, Socio-Economists and Development specialists, therefore disseminate the available technologies through farmers’ for, on-farm/adaptive trials/demonstrations in the area of newly developed crop varieties of maize, soyabean, rice, cowpea, millet, sorghum and groundnut.

We also carry out adaptive research to validate technologies, for example: the performance of newly formulated fertilizers on crops for some of the fertilizer distribution companies in Ghana.

KDC also builds the capacity of farmers through the training of trainers (ToT) on general Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) with respect to the effects of Climate Change in five modules:
1. Site Selection and Land Preparation
2. Planting and planting materials
3. Agronomic/cultural practices
4. Crop protection measures
5. Harvesting and post harvesting handling and Storage of farm produce

The company also conducts base line surveys and Project evaluations for organizations.

To build a long term relationship with our clients in the agricultural sector by providing them with exceptional and customized services on modern crop production strategies.– OUR MISSION

: (a) We are dynamic as we thrive to acquire more knowledge in our subject matter
(b) We deliver our innovative services timely, discipline and with high professionalism
(C) We treat our clients and other collaborators with respect and honesty.